Tower House
  Winner - The Eleanor Cullis-Hill Award, National Architecture Awards 2015
  Winner - The John and Phyllis Murphy Award,  Victorian Architecture Awards 2015
  Winner - The HOUSES awards, House alteration & addition 2015
  High Commendation - World House of the Year, World Architecture Festival 2015
  Commendation - The HOUSES awards, Outdoor architecture 2015
  Commendation - Interior architecture, Victorian Architecture Awards 2015houses_1/Pages/Tower.html

That’s right, we’ve tweaked our name. People say that we shouldn’t be messing with our ‘brand’, as it’s ‘bad business’ to do so. Perhaps they are correct, but we’re not interested in business. We are interested in life, happiness, fun, family and reward for effort. Mark Austin joined Andrew Maynard Architects in 2007. In 2009 Mark became a director. Mark is key in ensuring that what we draw is what we build. In 2016 we are calling ourselves Austin Maynard Architects. Exciting times! More info about AMA here...

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