Welcome to the Andrew Maynard Architects store, home of CV08 merch.
why does ama have a shop?
Well, we are constantly being asked :
- “where can I buy a t-shirt of CV08 or of the Styx Valley protest Shelter?”
- “Can I order a design pod?”
- “Do you have a BOB toy or a CV08 toy that I could give to my nephew for his birthday?”
- “Can I buy prints from your sketch book”
- “Can I buy a poster of Corb V2.0?”
We have even had one person offer a significant sum to buy one of Andrew’s original sketchbooks along with any old butter paper sketches that we may have lying around [we have a lot].
I hope you enjoy the store and make sure you get yourself a skate deck. Even if you don't skate, a deck looks awesome as a piece of art at home.
There are a huge number of t-shirt types and colours available, allowing you to choose your own unique graphic and shirt combo. Have fun, and thanks for your support.http://www.zazzle.com.au/andymaynard*/gifts?cg=196776742201276020&ps=60
the shophttp://www.zazzle.com.au/andymaynard*/gifts?cg=196776742201276020&ps=60
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Zero Waste Table
Single cuts. No off cuts. Take a bag of saw dust for your garden. Zero waste.
Zero Waste Bunk - link
Video - link
2.4m long x absolutely any width.houses_1/Pages/Zero_Waste_Bunk.htmlhouses_1/Pages/Zero_Waste_Bunk.htmlZero_Waste_video.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1shapeimage_14_link_2