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...........> AMA is now on TWITTER. Check us out here.

...........> Andrew has been asked to speak at this years student conference in Canberra, REHAB. He’s super-excited and says that every student in Australia should attend because student conferences are easily the best learning experience you will have while studying architecture. You are lame if you don’t go. More info about REHAB here.
...........> It looks like we may be designing a MOOKS store in Venezuela. Awesome! Cya soon Hugo Chávez.
...........> All things related to AMA that are floating around the Blogoshpere can be checked out at our LINKS page.
...........> Images of the U31 project in Hyderabad, India are now online.
...........> New AMA family photos in the photoalbum.

...........> Photos of the recently completed Brunswick Street house can be seen here.
...........> New photos of Vader house here.
...........> Images of the U31 project in Hyderabad, India are now online.

...........> Vader House is on the front of the wonderful and always interesting Blog ARCHINECT. Check it out here and here.
...........> Here’s a heap of AMA related stuff hanging out there in the blog-o-sphere 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

...........> Nine faces to watch in’09. Andrew’s mug is in today’s AGE Melbourne Magazine. He is considered to be one of the faces to watch in  ’09. You can check out the article here.

...........> The latest issue of the wonderful magazine Dwell is all about Australian and NZ houses. “SMARTER GREENER MORE DARING, why are the world’s best houses in Australia and NZ?” The Tattoo House takes up some prime realestate in the mag including a very nice blurb by our friend Sarah Rich. Check it out.

...........> Happy New Year! Despite the GFC, ’09 is shaping up to be awesome for AMA. Mark Austin is now a director of AMA and is helping Andrew to steer AMA into new and exciting undiscovered territory.
...........> We have just finished 3 new projects, The Vader house in Fitzroy, the Barrow House in Brunswick and a small warehouse conversion in Trennery Crescent Collingwood. You can check out photos here, here and here.
...........> Mooks will be launching the new Mooks concept store, designed by Andrew, at Bread and Butter in Barcelona on Wednesday. If you are in Barcelona this week then you should stop by and say hi to the guys from Mooks. Tell them Andrew sent you. We will have images of the Mooks concept for you to check out soon.

...........> The Trennery warehouse conversion was recently completed. We have some photos that you can checkout here.
...........> There is a small blurb in this months Virgin inflight magazine VOYEUR about our Quon house. Check it out on page 28 here.

...........> AMA’s first house, the Sproule house, is up for sale. The ad is here.

...........> On Saturday night at Parliament house in Canberra this years Master Builders awards were announced. The Tattoo House won best renovation for 2008. Awesome.

...........> The winners of the IDEA Awards will be announced on Friday night. The Tattoo House has been shortlisted for best residential project while Andrew has also been shortlisted for Designer of the Year [1, 2]. Everyone at AMA is very honoured to be shortlisted in both categories.

...........> Andrew will be speaking about the Tattoo House this Wednesday at Stylecraft’s Sound bites event. Details here.

...........> Photos of Andrew speaking at Sinagpore’s Archifest ’08 can be seen on our photos page.

...........> Andrew and Mark are off to India for the next week where they will be attending the launch of their new project U31. We’ll have images of the design and photos from the event for you to view soon.
...........> There are some photos of Andrew’s lecture at Singapore’s Architfest on our photos page.
...........> Andrew spoke at UniSA’s Masters series last week. Thank you to UniSA for hosting Andrew. He had a blast.

...........> The Tattoo House has won this years Victorian Master Builders award for best reno / extension.

...........> Andrew will be speaking at Singapore’s ArchiFest later this month. You can check out further details about the event here.

...........> AMA employment section added.

...........> Photos of Daily Pilates here.

...........> Click here to check out AMA’s latest newsletter.
...........> We have moved. Our projects are getting bigger and so is AMA. As such, we have had the fun task of finding more space. Andrew has used this opportunity as a good excuse to return AMA to Fitzroy. AMA is now back where it started. Bigger and better than ever. You can download a vCard of AMA’s new details here or view our contact details here. Images of the new studio are here.
...........> We are soon to complete the Quinn House. We are now at lock up and the house is looking great, even better than we expected [and we expect a lot]. You can see images of the Quinn House under construction here. In a few months we will have sexy images of the completed house for you.
...........> We recently created a model of Andrew’s Styx valley Protest Shelter for the Venice Biennale. You can see images of the model here.

...........> AMA has just won an invitation only design competition for a community development in Hyderabad, India. AMA’s winning masterplan design included 32 houses and a community spa. AMA has now been commissioned to oversee the design and build of the entire project. You can see photos from Andrew and Mark’s trip to India here.

...........> Andrew has been nominated for the IDEA Designer of the year Award. The winner will be announced in November. We won’t hold our breath.
...........> Design images of our new project, the Mash House, can be seen here. Enjoy.

...........> There is a great article in the AGE today about housing affordability. It has nothing to do with AMA, however it highlights a number of issues that we are interested in. You can read the article here.
...........> CV08 has made an appearance in the latest issue of AR.
...........> Tattoo House was in The AGE on Sunday. Article available soon.

...........> We are stoked to be working with MOOKS on their new concept store. The concept will be launched in Barcelona in July.
...........> There has been come great articles about our work recently. The Essex Street house is in a Magazine called MAGAZINE [out of Barcelona]. The Poop House is in Italian magazine Casamica. Tattoo House is in ARCHITECTURE & DETAIL [China] and PASAJES DISENO [Madrid].

...........> There is a video interview with Andrew linked on the front page of the AGE and the Sydney Morning Herald’s websites. You can see the interview here.

...........> The following link has nothing to do with AMA. We simply found it clever and profound, so we thought we would share it ....... reverse graffiti ......... link
...........> RRR played their final segment from the CV08 conference on Tuesday night. Stuart and Rory interviewed Andrew following his presentation of the Suburb Eating Robot. You can listen to the interview here.
...........> Mags >> Tattoo House is in the may ’08 BPN mag and Eben mag [Barcelona]. Styx Valley Protest Shelter is in this months Design Rome mag [Hungary]. The Poop House is in the current issue of Casamica [Italy]

...........> Mt Macedon house appeared on the front page of The Age’s Domain magazine. Check it out here
...........> New York based magazine Metropolis has published a wonderful article about the Tattoo House. Check it out here.
...........> CV08 has been very popular on design blog sites. You can see a selection at the following links  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
...........> CV08 appears in the Australian Financial Review. The article by Robert Bevan heavily critisises the exhibition that CV08 appears in. CV08 got off very lightly though compared to the other exhibited works.
...........> links to other AMA related stuff 1 2 3 

...........>   The generous dudes at My Ninjas Please have posted an interview they did with Andrew about his latest polemic, CV08. Check it out.

...........>   Mark and his wife had a 3.1kg beautiful baby boy yesterday. Congratulations folks.

...........>   Two exceptional magazines, Monument [issue 84] and MARK [issue 13] have multi-page features of the Tattoo house this month. Both are available in newsstands now if you want to check them out.

...........>   Movie of KLCC is available here
...........> The Tattoo House has been shortlisted in the 2008 Interior Design Awards.
...........> New images of our affordable housing solution for DHS can be seen here.

...........> Andrew has been invited to present a polemic on Australia’s suburbs at the RAIA’s national conference in Sydney, CRITICAL VISIONS ’08. Andrew’s polemic is called CV08, the suburb eating robot. You can see images of it here, an animation here and a PDF of the presentation boards here. Enjoy.
...........>  Links to many things AMA related 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

...........> We have received recent photos of one of our first commissions, a small cost-effective reno called the Solo House. You can see the photos here.

...........> The Tattoo house has made the cover of the wonderful Spanish Journal Disenart. The journal also has articles about fantastic new work by Faro Architecten, Ehrlich and Coop Himmelb(l)au. You can download a PDF of the article here.

...........> Tattoo house in MOCOLOCO’s top 5 for 2007. We’re not sure how many fantastic items of design and architecture MOCOLOCO reviews each year but it must be a massive number. Out of that huge number art editor Sabine has selected her top 5 for 2007 and we are extremely stoked to see the Tattoo house in there with 4 other great pieces of design. Check out the top 5 here.

...........> We have added a new section to the website. Our old website had a number of photos of the AMA office and our extended family and friends. Many people have told us that they love the new website, however they miss the insight into the AMA world. Therefore we have added a photoalbum to the new site. You can check it out here.

...........> You can see images of our new project, nick named the Lagerfield House. The house is being designed for a Paris based client and all meetings have been via ichat. Despite the thousands of kilometres between client and architect, the process has been running very smoothly to date. You can check out design images here.
...........> Happy New Year. Today Andrew was interviewed by the wonderful  journalist Stephen Crafti. Stephen is writing an article for MARK magazine about the Tattoo House. You‘ll be able to read the article in the next issue of MARK. Keep an eye out for it.

...........> In the Domain in Saturday’s  AGE, we were stoked to find that the Tattoo House had been featured as one of the best renovations of 2007. The Tattoo House has also been doing the rounds on the blog circuit such as Mocoloco, Arkinetia, Europaconcorsi, Designspotter, Materialicious, Apartment Therapy, My Ninjas Please, ....and this is reality, Square Mag, Cube Me, Hypediss, Stream of Interest, Hemfeber, Arquitectura, Popflower, Shed Working, Noticias arquitectura and Professione Architetto

...........> Uber-Ninja Ryan has posted a top review of the Tattoo House on the ever-awesome Architecture.MNP (that’s My Ninja Please for the uninitiated) - have a read here

...........> New pics of a real-life model of the Reid House here.
...........> The Poop House spotted in the latest issue of Monument
...........> Best use of a song reference in a headline goes to SenseUp for their clever wordplay here - rather chuffed to see our OLC bike made their Crazy Wednesday coverage

...........> There are new shots of the Tattoo House up by photographer whiz-kid Katharine Dettmann - check them out here, and more of her work here

...........> Fresh produce! There are divine new photos of the Tattoo House up, by the amazing
Peter Bennetts- right here.
...........> The ever-talented Geoff Manaugh has posted a very interesting essay on
BLDGBLOG about the possibilities of relocating housing- which includes a discussion of our Corb v2.0 scheme.

...........> Our very own archi-ninja Matt McClurg - check out his handiwork
here - has finished his architecture degree at the University of Melbourne - check out his final project along with the rest of 2007’s class tomorrow evening at the Abaris Building

...........> The
Tattoo House was featured in The Age recently- read all about it here
...........> Check out Andrew posing awkwardly with some models in
this article which appeared in The Canberra Times

...........> As you can probably tell, we have had a major overhaul. We have many bugs to work out, however hopefully the site will be far easier to navigate and most importantly, from our perspective, far easier to maintain and update. We hope you enjoy the new site and please let us know if you stumble across any bugs.
...........> Andrew has been invited to speak at the RAIA HQ in
Canberra this Thursday eve (25.10) as part of the Architecture Week festivities. He will be presenting a lecture on our work at around 6pm. Drop by if you are in the neighbourhood.

Wow. We have a big round of news for you.
...........> We were quite excited to see the house we designed for the
Elysium development in Issue 10 of Mark Magazine's Notice Board. MARK is our favourite architecture mag at the moment and we all fight over who gets to read it when a fresh one appears in the office- so it's a real honour to be noticed on the notice board.
...........> The same Elysium house was also featured in a recent blog entry on The Age newspapers site about turf roofs, which you can check out
...........> Speaking of which,
here are some amusing shots of the sitework on the Napier St house, which is currently under construction. A rather large hole in the ground on a tight inner-city site is all well and good, but how do you get the equipment out once you've dug it in... ?
...........> And once it's filled back up again, some of that impressive hole be glowing with a red-tiled spa, to match an earlier renovation we did to the same house-
here are some shots of the very red bathroom.
...........> While we are on the topic of that delicious colour, AMA was recently profiled in 'Red' magazine, which you may have seen floating around cafes and the like in Melbourne- essentially real estate listings dressed up with an eye-catching cover. Click
here to see the article and a pic of us all on the roof of our office squinting at the Melbourne skyline.
...........> ... and from the home of the skyline, we were recently profiled as "Architect of the Week" on Chicago-based website
New City Skyline - wedged straight after Steven Holl which isn't such a bad place to be.
...........> The wedgy love continues: Detail '08 has been released, and we're thrilled to see our teeny little Essex St House included in the line up alongside buildings by Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Bernard Tschumi and Thomas Heatherwick. Check out the rest of the roll-call
...........> More Essex St?! Okay, there are some new photos of the interior by the very talented Dan Mahon up - check them out
..........> And more new photos- this time of a spanking new building! We're pleased to announce that
Tattoo House in North FItzroy has been completed. A double-storey extension to a traditional brick home, with a deft response to council overlooking rules and a customised AMA tattoo.
Check out our messy, lived in shots
here, and stay tuned for the shiny professional ones ...
.........> Even MORE new pics?! Yes! Check out some new shots of Skene Place by the multi-talented Kevin Hui up
.........> ... which are different than the pics featured in
this article on Skene Place recently published in the September/October issue of Vogue Living
.........> ... which also ran a shot of the bathroom of the Sproule House, the very first AMA commission from way back when. Which is reassuring, to see it's not yet deemed dated by the style police. More Vogue Living September/October
...........> ... and from there we complete the circle, back to the very edge of NOW, with a little
video of one of our latest houses, an addition to an impressive 19th-century home in urban Melbourne. 28.09.7
...........> In the Financial Review today there are a couple of wonderful big images of the Essex Street house in Stephen Crafti's great article about the use of recycled materials in housing. Get down to the newsagent and grab a copy.
...........> The wonderful folks at
Pol Oxygen have written an extremely flattering article about Andrew. They have created a monster though. In the article they call Andrew ROCKET MAN, and like a true geek he now wants everyone in the office to address him by that name [he may even get a t-shirt made]. So we may soon be called Rocket Man Architects or Buck Rogers Architects if Andrew gets his way. You can get your hands on the latest Pol Oxygen mag in Newsagents now and you can download "Rocket Man's" article here. Geek.
...........> We have given birth to triplets. We were recently commissioned to submit a proposal to design 3 x 40 storey towers at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre on a site facing the Petronas towers. After many weeks [and weekends] of toil we sent the design to KL for assessment. We are quite stoked by the design. We will have images available soon.
...........> Well the Ctrl Shift conference was fantastic. Andrew gave a lecture, a tute and ran a workshop during the week long event. There are now heaps of photos of the conference floating around the web such as
here and here. Enjoy.
...........> We have gotten our hands of a PDF of the article from ABSTRACT magazine [Brussels]. Click
here to download the PDF.

...........> We owe you a whole heaps of news. There has been a huge amount of exciting stuff happening at AMA lately and we have had no time to let you know about it. So, very quickly, here are some highlights :-
...........> Andrew is giving an "open to the public" lecture at the school of architecture at Melbourne Uni on the 23rd at 6pm, ALL WELCOME.
...........> 3x40 storey towers in Malaysia, fingers crossed.
...........> Lots of recent media, (1)ABSTRACT mag from Brussels has a 5 page spread about the Essex Street House [pdf here], (2)Vogue Living has done a spread about the Skene house and the Sproule house, (3)The latest DQ mag has a short rant from Andrew about the "problems" inherent with the emergence of the "design celebrity".
...........> Andrew recently gave his first lecture via Skype. Andrew spoke about the development of AMA from when he was a student through to today. After overcoming some technical difficulties the lecture was a huge success. Its very exciting that architects are able to give lectures in other parts of the world from the comfort of their won office. An image a Andrew giving his lecture is here.
...........> Andrew will be judging a couple of upcoming design competitions including the Reece Design Awards and Google's campus comp.
...........> The Scotchmer Street house is days away from completion.
............>The Quinn house will begin construction early next month.

...........> There are loads of new projects, of all shapes and sizes, freshly baked, here for your perusal. Check out the recently completed Skene house, the award winning Pol Oxygen exhibition stand, the soon to be completed Todaro Andrews house, two of the houses that we are designing for sites in Noosa QLD [1, 2], our recently unveiled [it was top secret for awhile] project the Mammoth Ice Bar and the provocative and aptly named Poop house.
...........> Andrew Maynard Architects have been invited to submit a design proposal for 3 towers forming part of the Kuala Lumpur City centre [home of the Petronas tower]. Wow. More soon.
...........> The Ctrlshift conference starts next week in Wellington New Zealand. Andrew will be one of a bunch of exciting international speakers taking part. Click here for more info.
...........> Everyone at Andrew Maynard Architects is very excited that Mark Austin has recently been elevated to the position of Associate Director. Click here to read more about Mark.
...........> We have a fantastic new project on Barkly Street Fitzroy. Images coming soon.
...........> Our design for POL Oxygen took out the award for 'BEST STAND DESIGN’ at Australia's biggest design fair, DesignEX, held in Melbourne this year. Click here for more.
...........> Andrew was recently invited to speak at POSTOPOLIS which was held at the fantastic Storefront [designed by Steven Holl] in New York. Unfortunetly Andrew was unable to attend, however we thought we would link it here anyway as it looks like it was an incredible event featuring all of our favourite blog sites BLDGBLOG, City of Sound, Inhabitat, and Subtopia.

...........> Andrew will be speaking at PROCESS on Monday [4/6/7]. He will be describing the journey he has taken over the last 4 + years to make AMA into what it is today. 6pm @ Loop, Meyers Place, Melbourne.
...........> Andrew has been invited to be a speaker at the CTRLSHFT conference in New Zealand. He will be involved in numerous parts of the conference over a full week. Click here to visit the conference website.
...........> Google has invited Andrew to be a judge in their upcoming SketchUp design competition. More details soon.
...........> This has nothing to do with AMA, however Cara came across this amazing artwork recently. Its called RUNNING THE NUMBERS. The stats are staggering. Here for more.
...........> Essex St is on RAIA website here.
...........> The Holl House will soon be appearing in a book called 100 House Book - A Systems Analysis of Innovation. The book is being produced by the awesome folks at www.worldhouse.ca
...........> The Essex St house recently appeared in Inside Out magazine. You can read PDF here.

...........> We are thrilled that WALLPAPER* has included the Essex Street House in its ECOEDIT exhibition. "Wallpaper* is once again hosting a ground-breaking exhibition to coincide with Milan's Salone del Mobile, and this year it is the Wallpaper* EcoEdit, an exhibition of the best eco innovations on the planet." Check it out here and here. The following is an extract from the exhibition "Andrew Maynard Architects have carved a niche for themselves in their home country of Australia. The media savvy and technologically aware office is unafraid of mixing big conceptual designs with beautifully conceived small-scale residential works."
...........> We are very chuffed to have received the award for Best Designed Exhibition Stand at this years DesignEx for our design of the Pol Oxygen stand. We will have images of the stand soon.
...........> We recently employed Mark Austin. Mark is nothing short of a ninja. Mark is older and far wiser than Andrew. He is an extremely talented architect and project manager who has subtly different and complementary skill sets to Andrew. Mark adds rigour, efficiency and diligent process to Andrew's often lofty and adventurous ideas. Mark has taken up a senior role in the office. Click here to see Mark's profile.
...........> Recently the awesome book XS Green hit the stands. We are very excited to see that the Styx Valley Protest Shelter was one of the numerous clever projects included in the book. Check it out here.
...........> Andrew's ugly mug appears first in DQ magazines' "Top ten Forces & Faces of [Australian] design". The article is very generous in its description of our office and our work. Thank you DQ. You can see extracts of the DQ interview here. You can see the article here in pdf format.
...........> Those beautiful and generous folks at Pol Oxygen magazine have done a multiple page spread on Andrew. Pol Oxygen works with very long lead times, therefore we won't be seeing the article in print until August. Check it out in a few months.
...........> Over the coming months Andrew will be giving a few lectures at a number of institutions including the REAL lecture series at Deakin University in May, the 'AND' lecture series at Melbourne University in August and he has accepted an invitation to speak at the Student Biennial in New Zealand in July. Andrew will also be in Japan in September visiting numerous architectural delights. He will be giving a couple of lectures whilst he is there. If you would like Andrew to speak at your institution while he is in Japan then please feel free to contact us here.
...........> Andrew has been invited to form part of Melbourne City Council's Public Art Advisory Committee. The committee is involved in policy, assessing and commissioning Public art throughout Melbourne. Andrew is extremely excited to be involved.
...........> The RAIA's National conference was on last week. As part of the conference Andrew, and Mark O'dwyer from H2O Architects, took a group from the Commonwealth Association of Architects around melbourne on a bus tour. They visited numerous fantastic buildings of various ages, including Federation Square [lab], Southern Cross Station [grimshaw]and the Melbourne Museum [dcm].

...........> New images of the recently completed Skene House [formally the Cahill Mason House] are here.
...........> Bits & Pieces - Here are a whole heap of little snippets from the web that have been pointed out to us recently. There's a tiny review of the Essex Street house at Design Llama here. We have been lucky enough to be included in Wallpaper's architect's directory. We found this link to our Osaka project at the awesome site Gravestmor. Check out Gravestmor, there's a lot of interesting stuff there. A quick blurb about the Styx Valley Protest Shelter here. Some junk about BOB here. There is a great blog called Lost in E Minor that has written some lovely things about us. And some trash here.

...........> We recently completed a concept for the Sony Tower in Guangzhou. Images of the tower can be seen here. A movie can be seen here.

..... ...........> The Herald Sun's 'Home' magazine featured a story on the Essex St House on the weekend. Seek it out amongst the ads for huge project homes- it's on the same page as an ad for "...the lifestyle of acreage" [Seriously].
...........> Corb V2.0 has been spotted on the wonderful POL Oxygen site here, at Lost in E Minor here and over at DesignSpotter there.
>.......> > It might seem a little quiet on the new building front at the moment but behind the scenes we have all sorts of interesting things going on, with lots of projects in the fun documentation and construction stage. Meanwhile check out a little movie of the Quinn house here.
...........> Two links with deceptive pictures to accompany them: a Yellow Pages story about spaces without walls here (the stock photo isn't one of our works), and a Lifestyle Channel profile of Andrew here illustrated with some ugly bloke from the show- fair enough though as Andrew is uglier.

...........> There is a fantastic article, by LA based journalist Leigh Christy, about the Essex Street House on Architecture Week. You can visit www.architectureweek.com to view the article. A permanent link is here.

...........> We have been getting a lot of interesting feedback about our new experimental housing project Corb V2.0. Arguably the most interesting comes from Archinect where John Jourden has pointed out a strong relationship between Corb V2.0 and another design. It appears that in a number of ways, the incredibly clever folk at LOT/EK got there first with their MDU scheme. The ensuring forum entries at Archinect, while making us at AMA look slightly silly, make for interesting reading on the issue of authenticity.

...........> We are very excited to be asked to have the Essex St house appear in next years DETAIL '08 journal. This years DETAIL '07 Journal had wonderful houses and buildings by firms such as OMA, Libeskind, Norman Foster, Kengo Kuma, Klein Dytham and Tado Ando.
...........> We were recently named in SDQ magazines's list of TOP TEN Forces and Faces in Design. You can now read the SDQ interview with Andrew here.
...........> Andrew was recently interviewed by Geoff Manaugh. Geoff is the creator of BLDGBLOG, a writer for Archinect and Senior editor of the New York based Urban Design Review. The Interview, which discusses Andrew's influences, will appear in Urban Design Review in around a month. You can get a sneak peak at it here.
...........> We are stoked to be part of Devine Limited and Woods Bagot's bid for the Carlton housing redevelopment. The development will involve the design and delivery of over 800 housing units. Fingers crossed for a good result.
...........> From the US, Architecture Week will be featuring an article about us next week called HIGH CONCEPT MEETS INDUSTRIAL REALITY ... " Australian architect Andrew Maynard is bursting with theories. He develops concepts such as "malleable space" into architectural "products" such as a mobile bedroom unit. He acknowledges such conversions are rarely smooth: “Reality is always getting our floaty idealized concepts dirty, and that is half of the fun.” Next week architect and writer Leigh Christy will explain why Essex Street House, Maynard's latest experiment in malleable space, is earning him worldwide attention for both its floaty concepts and its dirty reality."

...........> Check out our new housing development scheme called Corb V2.0. Every apartment changes its location every couple of days. It was recently described on TREEHUGGER as "It is beyond brilliant. Best idea of the Year". Here for more.

...........> A couple of years ago a film crew visited our old Rae street studio to interview Andrew for an educational resource that addressed the question "what the hell does an architect do?" The video has finally been completed and you can get a sneak peek here.
...........> The Essex Street house has been getting a lot of fantastic media attention. It has been featured on the Lifestyle Channel's HOMES SHOW, it has been in a number of newspapers, it has had extensive coverage in HOUSES, TRENDS, VOGUE, Mocoloco, Inhabitat, on the Pol Oxygen website, as well as many many other mags, blogs, websites and even a couple of books. The response to our modest design has been fantastic. We have now been asked by the Essex St client to add a new pavilion to the rear of the same block. So soon we will have another interesting form to engage with the already successful project. more soon.
...........> TRENDS mag recently did a great article about the Essex Street house. The article has now been uploaded to their website. You can check it out here.
...........> Wallpapers Architects Directory is online. We were very surprised and excited to be named in WALLPAPER's 2006 Architects Directory, an "annual guide to the world's most innovative practices". The directory is now online and you can see it here.
...........> We recently stumbled on a blast from the past as we were trawling through the internet. We found a press release from 1998 when Andrew, along with his mate Stephen Mees, won the Graphisoft International Design Competition while in their final year of University. They even got to meet the then President of Hungary, lucky guys. Check it out here.

...........> We are all stoked that Andrew Maynard Architects has been named in SDQ magazines's list of TOP TEN Forces and Faces in Design. The article will be available in Issue 25 soon.

...........> Andrew recently had his ugly mug in an issue of Melbourne's CITY WEEKLY magazine. The article is about how Generation Y are set to change the face of Melbourne. We found this odd as we all thought that Andrew was part of Generation X or at the very least stuck in purgatory inbetween the trendy labels. And while I have your attention, we should clarify that Andrew is a geek. He likes computers, chess and Star wars. We all giggle whenever we see an article that suggests that he is cool. You can download the article here.

...........> We had a load of fun during our Christmas party late last year. Click here to see some of the festivities.

...........> We haven't given the AMA website much love lately, however that has now changed. We have 5 new projects posted and we have updated the images of Kaur house [which will soon be going into construction].
...........> We are soon to begin work on 2 houses as part of the Elysium project in Noosa, QLD. We are humbled to be contributing houses to the scheme along with notable architects such as Gabriel Poole.
...........> We have updated the people page so that you can see us all in our spunky new office. Hopefully we will get the webcam up and running soon too.

...........> Bob was recently on display at the National Design Centre at Federation Square as part of the Chris Bangle Design Forum. Head BMW designer Chris Bangle was in town to head up a forum on issues affecting the design industry and the importance of design education. Andrew was honoured to be invited to the forum and the following exclusive dinner with Chris at Comme.
Click here to see Bob introduce the 'next generation of mobile protection'. Click here to read about Bob (a project in collaboration with Buro North)

...........> We are very excited that Andrew has been described as "...one of a small group of exciting, young and creatively boundless Australian architects who are set to change the face of Melbourne" in Gina Morris' fantastic article OUT OF THE BOX, which appeared in the latest Sunday's AGE. Click here to read the article. Click here to see the newspaper clipping.

...........> There is an interesting article in the AGE today about our fear of walking and being outside. It has nothing to do with Andrew Maynard Architects. We simply found it interesting. "...it's endemic in our society … the more we drive our kids to school, the more we live privatised lives, the less we are in contact with other human beings and the less we trust other people. So you get a whole generation of kids who see the world through the windscreen and haven't got that tradition of walking and making social contacts." Click here for more.

...........> The AGE had a fantastic article about the essex street house in their domain section. Check it out here.

...........> The AGE had a small article about some preliminary work that we have been doing to the Quinn house. Click here to see the article.
...........> SDQ recently featured designs and comments by Andrew Maynard. Click here to read the article.
...........> Andrew Maynard Architects recently moved from it sunny [yet cramped] fitzroy studio. We have moved to a sensational new studio in Little Bourke Street Melbourne. We will have a web cam up soon, click here for a sneak peak.
...........> The fantastic spanish architectural mag Pasajes de arquitectura y critica recently published an interesting article on The Styx Valley Protest Shelter. See issue 79 for more.

...........> The Essex St house appeared in Friday's FINANCIAL REVIEW. Check it out here. more details.
...........> Andrew has been invited to speak at Syracuse University in New York. Andrew will be in NYC and Tokyo in mid November as part of the YG5 exhibition opening. If you would like Andrew to speak at your institution while he is overseas please contact us.
...........> Want to know what's going on at Andrew Maynard Architects? Check out our latest newsletter here. If you would like to be on our mailing list please contact us.

...........> The fantastic folks at POL OXYGEN have posted a number of images of the Essex St house on their website. Check it out here.

...........> Check out our Press Release for the Essex St house here.

...........> BOB the mobile home has been shorlisted in the 2006 IDEA awards. See next months issue of INSIDE for more info. The winners of the IDEA awards will be announced in November. Fingers crossed.

...........> Tomorrow Andrew will be a panelist on the RAIA's Staying Sane seminar series. Visit the RAIA website for more details.
...........> On Thursday Andrew will be presenting a lecture titled Kinetic Space at Gallery M in South Melbourne. See the Shape Groups Website for more info.

...........> The guys from RRR's THE ARCHITECTS have made available an mp3 of their interview with Andrew Maynard. Click here to hear it.

...........> The lovely guys from RRR's THE ARCHITECTS have kindly invited Andrew onto the show. Tune in tomorrow at 7pm to hear Andrew trying to sound clever.

...........> There was a cute article by about the Essex St house in this weeks Domain magazine in the Saturday Age. You can read the article here.

...........> We have just recieved a copy of the August edition of WALLPAPER direct from London, hot off the presses. We are humbled and excited to be named in WALLPAPER's 2006 Architects Directory, an "annual guide to the world's most innovative practices". Thanks to all at Wallpaper.

...........> the Timber Research Unit recently released a series of articles on the outstanding use of timber in a residential interior. The Sproule house was one of the homes selected. The TRU's fantastic article can be read here.

...........> Check out the new animation of the Todaro Andrews house here.

...........> The wonderful folks at Pol-Oxygen have done a spread on our recently completed and upcoming projects. It is incredibly humbling to be besides a couple of our favourite designers Will Alsop and Yasuhiro Yamashita. Thank you to Jan & Kellie at Pol for their fantastic support. Click here to view the spread.
...........> Check out the new animation of the Quinn house here.
...........> Andrew Maynard Architects is one of a small number of emerging firms to be represented in Past + Present + Future Exhibition that will take place between July 6th - 16th as part of the Melbourne Design Festival. Click here for more info.
...........> BOB has received an incredible response from numerous blogs, magazines and even books. Last month BOB, alone, generated almost 1 million hits on this website. Fingers crossed that a few of those hits came from BMW, Mercedes or VW.
...........> We are working on an incredibly exciting new project that we would love to tell you about, but we can't. Confidentiality agreements are very scary documents. Watch this space, we will be releasing images soon as the project launches.

...........> Its been awhile since we have uploaded new projects onto the website. Here is a quick concept called BOB that we worked up with Buro North. It will soon be appearing in the awesome mag INTERSECTION.
...........> Images of Andrew Maynard Architects entry to the Korean based Prehistory Museum competition are here

...........> The prestigious magazine Wallpaper will soon be releasing their 2006 Design Directory, an annual issue that showcases the very best in contemporary design, products, interiors and architecture. Andrew Maynard Architects will be one of 25 up and coming practices from around the world to be profiled in this exciting issue.
...........> The Essex St house and the Sproule house will be appearing in a fantastic new book called HOUSES INTERNATIONAL from German publishers Feierabend Publishers.
...........> We were pleasantly surprised to see Brad Holt and Andrew Maynard's names on a couple of the 'brains' on the Pol Oxygen stand at this years Design Ex. "Who are the most creative brains in the world? .... Over 160 glass jars holding real brains lined the walls – each labeled with the name of a creative 'mind' featured in POL Oxygen magazine over the years. From Glenn Murcutt, Patricia Urquiola and Zaha Hadid to Jeffrey Smart, Nick Knight and Tracy Emin. You name them, we've got 'em!". Click here to see photos. Thanks to Pol Oxyen for their continued support.

...........> Our portraits have been updated and they are worth a peek. Check them out here.
...........> The awesome folks at the London based INTERSECTION magazine recently interviewed Andrew Maynard about his ideas of moving building processes towards methods used by the car industry. The issue and the article will be in new stands soon.
...........> Check out Arkinteia, there is a general profile on the work of Andrew Maynard Architects.

...........> The Essex Street house is has appeared on the fantastic website mocoloco.com and inhabitat.com.
...........> The Prefab House website is all shiny and new. Check out the website here.

...........> The Essex Street house is complete. The fantastic photographer Peter Bennetts has taken some awesome photos. Click here to check them out.
...........> Andrew Maynard will be judging this year's Queensland Design Awards. Also amongst the judges is Tom Kovac. Pol-Oxygen is sponsoring the awards.
...........> The wonderful people at INHABITAT have written a couple of great articles about the Prefab House and the Styx Valley Protest Structure. Click here and here to read more.
...........> The Home show on the Lifesyle channel recently did a feature story on Andrew's work. Click here to see the story.
...........> The wonderful people at POL-Oxygen will be publishing a number of Andrew's designs in the May issue of their internationally renowned magazine.
...........> We are very excited to announce the launch of www.prefabhouse.com.au. Soon you will be able to order your home directly from our website. Click here to check it out.
...........> The new year has brought a lot of attention to Andrew Maynard's work [especially the prefab house] on a number of wonderful websites. Checkout Treehugger here, Mocoloco [here & here], Inhabitat here, Royal Homes Modern here, Gotoreviews here and Fabprefab here.
...........> The awesome website gravestmor has posted the osaka design that we did with kevin hui and soren luckins. Click here to visit gravestmor.
...........> The fantastic website BLDGBLOG has profiled Andrew Maynard's work. Click here for more.
...........> Belgian Magazine DAMn° will be publishing the Styx Valley Protest Shelter in its next edition.
...........> Matt McClurg is off to LUND University [Sweden] for six months. Well done and have fun Matt.
...........> Maynard to judge New York's Young Guns biennial. Last year Maynard was a selected exhibitor in New York's ADC gallery as part of the Young Guns biennial for international designers under 30. Maynard was the only architect and the only Australian exhibiting. He has now been invited to be a juror to select next years ADC Young Guns 5 exhibitors, the fifth biennial search for the most exciting young designers working around the world. Entrants will be judged on works in the convergent fields of visual communications: advertising, graphic design, environmental design, film/video, photography, illustration, new media etc. Winners will be showcased in a traveling exhibition that will premiere at the ADC Gallery in New York next October, and in a book, ADC Young Guns 5, to be published in late 2006. In addition to helping identify this next wave of creative leaders, judges will be invited to the Gala and Exhibition preview in New York.
...........> The awesome website ARCHINECT.com features an interview that Mason White did with Andrew Maynard in September as part of the UPSTARTS series. Click here to see the interview.
...........> The styx valley protest shelter has appeared in the huge U.S. magazine BUSINESS WEEK. Click here or here to see the article.
...........> The wonderful book DESIGNATION has finally been published. Andrew's work features along with other creative folk such as Adam Elliot (of Harvie Crumpet fame), Stuart Crumpler, founder of the Crumpler Bag Company and Dael Oates, Designer for Animal Logic, Fox Studios (responsible for completion of all animation and digital sequences for The Matrix Reloaded, Swimming Upstream, Moulin Rouge etc).
...........> The author of the fantastic book XS big ideas, small buildings has asked to include the styx valley protest shelter in her new book XS Green.
...........> Check out the latest issue of AR [architectural review australia] the Holl house [above] gets a write up.
...........> Lab.3000 have asked Andrew Maynard to speak at their 3rd annual Digital Design Showcase. "The Showcase will feature six designers who each present ... a digital design concept. The presentations will demonstrate the range of talent and variety of ideas which underpin digital design in Victoria." Click here for more [including ticketing info].
...........> The Architectural Review has asked Andrew Maynard to speak as part of their NEXT celebration of new australian architects. Click here for more.
...........> the fantastic website ARCHITECHNOPHILIA has written a short profile on Andrew Maynard Architect. Click here to check it out.
...........> the prestigious italian journal OTTAGONO has profiled Andrew Maynard in its section on new designers. Click here to read the article.
...........> design images of the cahill mason warehouse, the maisno brasher warehouse, the todaro andrews house, the dhs house and the kaur house are now on andrew maynard's website.
...........> the lifestyle channel recently filmed andrew maynard for an feature story called "on the move". Click here to see photos of the day of filming.
...........> ARCHINECT is running a series of articles and interviews called UPSTARTS. Andrew Maynard Architect will be one of the 3 international practices profiled. Click here for more.
...........> latitude has been short-listed for a prestigious international interior design award. More soon.
...........> This website www.andrewmaynard.com.au has been shortlisted for the 2005 CREATE awards in the best website design category.
...........> the styx valley protest shelter is a finalist in this years idea awards. See this months INSIDE magazine [no. 38] for more info.
...........> idea restaurant has been published in this months edition of ARTICHOKE [no. 12].
...........> the lifestyle channel will be filming at the [yet to be completed] beachcroft orth house this week. They will also be interviewing andrew for a feature story on the future of housing.
...........> the LATITUDE stand at this year's DesignEx, designed and built by Soren Luckins, Andrew Maynard and Stuart McLean has been published in this months edition [no. 68] of MONUMNET magazine. Click here to see latitude.
...........> the kind folks at NEWCASTLE University are flying andrew to newcastle to talk about his work. The lecture is on the 24th at the lucky country hotel.
...........> super student architect will chan has joined the team. Click here to see his profile.
...........> As part of ADOBE's Behind the Design project ADOBE software has setup a webcam in andrew maynard's office. Click here here to take a peak.
...........> andrew maynard's milanese urban camouflage is on display this month at BMW edge at Federation Square as part of the melbourne design festival.
...........> LAB 3000 has profiled andrew maynard in their online gallery. Click here for more.
...........> matt mcclurg has recieved an award in the OF.F. LINES international design competition for his design SUSPENDED CITY. The organisers of the competition will be flying matt to INNSBRUCK, Austria to the awards ceremony in September. Click here to visit the competition website. For further info or images email matt@andrewmaynard.com.au
...........> want a job? andrew maynard architect is looking for a new student. click here for more info.
...........> design images of the quinn house are now on andrew maynard's website.
...........> design images of the second sproule house, the schneider gwynne residence and the coney island parachute pavilion are now on andrew maynard's website.
...........> the lifestyle channel has asked to do a feature story on andrew maynard's "thoughts on the increasing mobility of contemporary society and how this impacts on design". The story, called on the move, will air during an episode of HOME. More soon.
...........> the guys from CHRIS[TOPHER]CHRIS architects are moving into andrew maynard's studio/office. The two design firms will be sharing resources and hopefully will be teaming up on some bigger projects. Exciting days ahead.
...........> the sproule residence has been published in the journal HOUSES. Click here to see the article.
...........> andrew maynard and buro north's design for the latitude exhibit at design ex '05 is now on the net. Click here for more.
...........> the styx valley protest shelter has been profiled on the wonderful website WE MAKE MONEY NOT ART. Click here for more.
...........> andrew maynard and BURO NORTH have teamed up to produce the LATITUDE exhibition stand at this years DESIGNEX. More soon.
...........> KMSS, Sproule residence and Idea restaurant will appear in the prestigious Mexican journal CUARTA PARED.
...........> andrew maynard has been invited to talk at Deakin Universities REAL lecture series. Click here for more.
...........> click here to see andrew maynard's seaford life saving club design.
...........> along with six degrees and SBE andrew maynard returned to the university of tasmania this week for another design meeting for the new school of architecture. Click here for more.
...........> andrew maynard is a finalist in the Milan Award 2005. The winner will be announced early March. Click here to see andrew's entry.
...........> a 5 page article about the sproule residence will be published in the next issue of HOUSES. Keep an eye out early april.
...........> the styx valley protest shelter has appeared in the italian design journal CA Casamica. Click here to read the article.
...........> kmss has been profiled in the italian online architecture journal europaconcorsi. Click here for more.
...........> andrew maynard will be featured in the upcoming book entitled 'Desig.nation : Success through the eyes of leading Australian Creatives'. The book profiles the work of Australian Designers from various fields. The Book will be launched in early March. Click here for more.
...........> andrew maynard has just returned from tasmania where he, along with qld architect bud brannigan, was a facilitator for the 2005 Australian Timber Workshop. Click here to see photos.
...........> details of the vicurban affordable housing competition can be found at the vicurban website. Click here to visit. andrew maynard won a special commendation for his prefabricated house.
...........> andrew maynard's work has been published in the prestigious spanish journal a+t [issue 24 new materiality ii]. Click here to visit a+t.
...........> some of andrew's sketches and ideas can now be viewed in the new area of the website called sketchbook. Click here to visit.
...........> The Young Guns Exhibition [featuring andrew maynard's work] is now traveling around the world. Locations confirmed so far include Atlanta, Portugal, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Guangzhou and Sao Paulo.
...........> the school of architecture at the university of tasmania has nominated andrew maynard for the foundation graduate award, the highest award the foundation can bestow.
...........> andrew maynard has been profiled in the UTAS Alumni News. Click here to read the article.
...........> andrew maynard's entry to the VicUrban affordable housing competition receives a special commendation. Click here to read the article in the Domain section of "The Age".
...........> andrew maynard has been invited to speak at the 2005 DesignEX at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. More soon.
...........> sproule residence receives a high commendation at the 2004 AUSTRALIAN TIMBER DESIGN AWARDS. Click here to see the sproule residence.
...........> sproule residence was published in the Domain section of "The Age" newspaper today. Click here to read the article.
...........> andrew maynard has been profiled in ARCHITECTURAL RECORD'S archrecord2. Archrecord2 is a section of the North American journal dedicated to unearthing emerging international architects. Click here to see the online version of the article.
...........> andrew maynard has been invited to be involved in the 4th Australian Timber Design Workshop. Click here for more info.
...........> the YOUNG GUNS 04 book, featuring the work of andrew maynard, has been released in australia and is available at most design orientated bookstores. Click here for more.
...........> andrew maynard is to be profiled in the November issue of Utas's ALUMNI magazine.
...........> andrew maynard will be participating in adobe's BEHIND THE DESIGN project. The project profiles young designers from around the world. In late november members of karlssonwilker NY will be filming a day in the life of andrew maynard. The profile will appear on the adobe website in the near future. More soon.
...........> in its latest issue, the architectural review has profiled the STATES OF MIND CONFERENCE recently held in tasmania where andrew maynard was one of the invited speakers. Click here to see the article.
...........> finished photos of the recently completed roper house reno now on andrew maynard's website. click here for more.
...........> andrew maynard appears in "The Age" newspaper. Click here to see the article.
...........> styx valley protest shelter image appears in Architecture Australia.
...........> andrew maynard recently returned from YOUNG GUNS 04 in New York. Young Guns 04 is an exhibition of international designers 30 years and under. andrew maynard is the only architect and the only australian exhibiting. To see photos of the opening night click here.
...........> click here to see andrew maynard's entry to the SHINKENCHIKU RESIDENTIAL DESIGN COMPETITION 2004. The competition will be judged by steven holl.
...........> andrew maynard has accepted an invitation to speak at melbourne university’s WHO WANTS TO BE AN ARCHITECT? student seminar along with sean godsell on the 3rd of september '04.
...........> the STATES OF MIND conference was held in Tasmania in July. andrew was one of 40 speakers involved with the week long conference. andrew presented 2 lectures on his work and, along with Nick Murcutt, took a group of students through the styx valley. click here for more.
...........> a complete list of ADC Young Guns has been announced. andrew will be attending the opening party and preview at the ADC gallery in 29th Street, Manhattan NY on September 9th. Click here to see the full list of exhibitors.
...........> andrew's styx valley protest structure is to be published in an upcoming book from Loft Publications [Barcelona, Spain]. Click here to to see the Styx Valley Protest Structure.
...........> as part of the Young Guns exhibition in NY, andrew's work is on display at visuallocity.com
...........> andrewmaynard has been invited to exhibit his work in New York in September. The exhibition, ADC Young Guns, recognises international designers under 30. andrew maynard is the only australian and the only architect in the exhibition.
...........> andrew maynard confirmed to speak at STATES OF MIND - DESIGN EVOLUTION. Click here to see the official site.
...........> Sproule residence reaches completion.
...........> andrew maynard is looking for a new year-out student. If you're keen click here.
...........> sketches of new commission, beachcroft orth residence, on andrew maynard website.
...........> construction shots of sproule residence are now on andrew maynard website.
...........> andrew maynard has been invited to provide design consultation to six degrees and sbe following their winning submission to redesign the school of architecture at the university of tasmania.
...........> andrew maynard invited to speak at the biennale australasian student conference 2004.
...........> shannon residence lands the november cover of www.butterpaper.com
...........> sketches of new commission, enever residence, on andrew maynard website.
...........> as the small-ex-03 exhibition comes to a close, photos are available on andrew maynard website.
...........> sketches of new commission, idea restaurant, lt bourke st, on andrew maynard website.
...........> andrew maynard's japan library published in melbourne magazine as part of small-ex-03 exhibition.
...........> updated construction photos of kmss on andrew maynard website.
...........> andrew maynard will be interviewed by kevin lim of www.architexture.biz on 14th october.
...........> andrew maynard invited to be an exhibitor in the raia's small-ex-03 exhibition.
...........> andrew maynard invited to speak at Process - An event for independent and emerging architects in october.
...........> sketches of new commission, shannon residence, on andrew maynard website.
...........> images of andrew maynard's entry to the central glass international architectural design competition on maynard website.


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