Tent Embassy

We were approached to propose a new flagpole for the Aboriginal tent Embassy in Canberra. In a letter to AMA activist Jo Walsh writes "When new parliament was built the old parliament stayed behind and acts as a 'wall' between the new building and the tent embassy.... It seems that the indigenous voice ( a voice that protects our natural land) is a little silenced by the blocking out of the tent embassy ... and not even the flag they fly can be seen from new parliament ... There was some talk of putting up a bigger flagpole when I was there but this seems to be a costly or difficult project in light of the storms and winds that pass through .... When I look at new parliament I see the enormous flag structure as integral to its design ... the nature of the tent embassy means no new permanent structures should be built, I was wondering if you could help build a gigantic flagpole right there smack in line with the Canberra geometry, seen by the war memorial from the east and the new parliament from the west, rising above the old blocking out the indigenous“

Our first solution was simple. The Australian flag on top of new parliament building should be replaced with the aboriginal flag.

Our second solution was harder to come by. How do you create an incredibly high flagpole that can handle Canberra’s odd and often inclement weather, while also embracing the impermanence of indigenous tectonics? Solution - We propose to mount new HUGE flag on a balloon line. The flag can be as high as desired and can removed with ease. It moves and flows with the breeze. It is far less aggressive than a structurally heavy and rigid pole.


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