Vader House

More photos here and here.
Design images and construction photos here.

The Vader House is an extension to a Victorian terrace in the dense inner-city. The high boundary walls, built in disregard of existing height regulations long before such rules were created, permitted a non-standard height along the northern boundary. The roofline then abruptly turns to follow the dictated set-back lines, resulting in a playful and telling interpretation of planning rules. All the new works surround an outdoor courtyard space which becomes the new centre of the house- accessed by a series of glass doors it is the opposite of the dark masonry-clad rooms of the old house. The refined palate of materials is subverted where volumes are removed to reveal the flesh inside - coloured bright red with glass tiles and joinery.

Photos 3-30 by Peter Bennetts. Photos 31-42 by Peter Hyatt. Animation here. More photos here.
- Vader house is on the front of the WALLPAPER* website. Check it

- There is a great article about Vader in Monument Mag, pdf available here.

Winner of the
2009 Vision Award

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