VCA Gallery

By Six Degrees and Andrew Maynard

This project involved the refurbishment of an old warehouse into a working art space studio for the Victorian College of the Arts. The Gallery is a public art space that displays contemporary art, instructing and educating the Victorian Community.

As much of the original shed was maintained throughout the new design, and the large open plan celebrated, as to avoid the compartmentalisation of this open space.

The result allows the large space to be read as an extensive open volume whilst also having enough display surfaces and zoning to be able to display multiple separate exhibitions simultaneously.

The material palette chosen is sympathetic to the existing palette, warm timber furniture and detailing, and soft pastel light falls into the space through the stainglass windows.

The Gallery provides a link between artists and the wider community of Melbourne, and exhibits graduates of the VCA, postgraduates, alumni work and independent local and international exhibitions.


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