Seaford LS club

site planning

The basic element that drives the site planning is to reduce car activity around, through and on the site.  To combat the existing damaging effects of the car the design proposes a strengthening of the pedestrian connection from the train station to the pier.  Improving the connection encourages visitors to use public transport or ride bikes and it also enriches street activity enabling local shops and culture to develop.

Replace parts of the road surface with boardwalk features.  This will slow traffic and it will change the current hierarchy of car over pedestrian.

Articulate parking to one, confined area thereby reducing parking footprint. Use Boardwalk material rather than hard surface to allow water to penetrate surface and allow local grasses to inhabit parking surface.

lsc observation

The external horizontal recycled timber battens not only control the suns thermal load but they also allow for discrete observation of the beach.

water tanks

Each structure has a series of water takes which retain all rain water that is caught by the roofs.  The black water tanks also act as thermal mass.

environment shutters

The majority of the walled surfaces can be opened to create awnings and to allow views out.  The awnings also allow the internal space to adapt to external conditions such as wind and rain without completely shutting them off from the local environment.


local creepers are encouraged to grow over the structure.  The steel mesh of the storage are is expected to become a green box over time as local plants inhabit it.  This will give greater environmental control to the semi-enclosed space.


water is retained and reused throughout the structure.  As all water is retained at around 3 metres above ground it is gravity feed to all showers, toilets and taps.  The water tanks are black thereby encouraging thermal load.  This reduces the need to heat the water.

site vegetation

The structure nestles into the local vegetation.  Not only is replanting around the structure encouraged but vegetation growth directly on the structure would benefit the aesthetics and would help control the thermal state of the building.

beach shower

The humble beach shower is the catalyst for much of the design.  beach showers are located at various points around the structure allowing visitors to wash salt and sand off themselves and their equipment with gravity fed rainwater.


A possible scenario. The majority of the structure is made from recycled timbers and recycled steel.  Much of this material is available in Williams Town.  The structure could be supplied and fabricated in Williams Town.  It could then be ferried to the Seaford pier where its components could be carried by foot to the site.

This would have a huge environmental benefit as pre-fabrication would vastly reduce damage to the site.  Car and truck use would be kept to an absolute minimum and workshop fabrication vastly reduces waste.


The external skin of the building is clad in recycled hardwoods while the internal spaces are clad in a mix of recycled and farmed timbers.  Within the life saving club there are red objects which, when offset by the yellow of the plantation hoop pine cladding, adopt the colors of the life saving club.

solar power

The roof of the structure is clad in solar cells thereby supplementing, if not replacing, reliance on the conventional power supply.

environment control

The external skin of much of the structure is adaptable allowing sun protection, water proofing and wind protection to be separated thereby allowing the user of the space to adapt the skin of the building to any weather conditions.  This therefore reduces the need for mechanical thermal control.


The proposed structure is around 6 metres high.  This allows internal spaces to be generous rich areas  however it is low enough to avoid imposing on its surrounding landscape.


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