Ilma Grove

"We’re both blown away by your design, and the more we look, the more there is to be excited about! We’re really impressed with how you’ve incorporated the most important parts of our brief into the design work to come up with something that is creative, functional, realistic, unique and bloody impressive!."

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A extension to an impressive heritage home. A 100 year old covenant demanded any new works ‘be of brick’.

Existing brick structures that isolated the living spaces from the sunny, north facing backyard were dismantled and reassembled to optimise passive solar gain and create a direct link from the original house to the yard.

From the starting point of a cheap and cheerful box, carefully-considered segments are cut away in response to solar requirements and selected views. The internal flesh of the box is revealed at these cuts with rich timber surfaces, contrasting the raw brickwork.

Photos by Kevin Hui

See Andrew and Mike spray a stencil on the side of the Ilma house.

Ilma Grove in the Sydney Morning Herald

High Commendation in the 2011 HOUSES AWARDS
Shortlisted in the 2011 WORLD ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL, Barcelona
Shortlisted in the 2011 AIA Vic awards../../houses_1/Pages/Ilma_Grove_graphic.html../../houses_1/Pages/Ilma_Grove_graphic.html

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