Elysium House 7

We have been commissioned to design a number of luxury houses in Noosa QLD. Our first house, Lot 7, will begin construction soon.

We were approached to design houses of "architectural significance". The site for lot 7 had a southern street orientation and though it was tempting to create a strong architectural facade addressing the street to project "architectural significance", we instead orientated the spaces to the north so that we could use passive solar techniques to make the house warm in winter and cool in summer. We decided to turn our back to the street, furthermore we decided to make the view from the street "non-architecture" [or more accurately non-building] by simply tilting the lawn up and sliding the house under. The street elevation is just lawn and trees.

The concept of "non-architecture" was a challenging response to the clients request for an architecturally significant design, however like all great clients they not only trusted our response, they embraced it.


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