Coney Island, NY

the problem

How do you place an object next to the parachute tower?   How do you contribute to the rich and heterogeneous local fabric? What type of structure do you add to the existing context? What materials best relate to the context? How do you contribute to the ever-changing story of Coney Island?

ANSWER :   Let the context, let the fabric, let the existing structures become the parachute pavilion. Let them form the very fabric of the pavilion. Do not add new objects, colours and materials to the existing heterogeneous fabric. Instead manipulate and morph the textures, materials, context, structure and history into an inhabitable form that evokes memory of past and present amusement rides, structures and landscapes.

The design of the parachute pavilion employs all of these tactics.

evocative amalgam - visual memory

Rather than adding or imposing a new object, form and materials to the rich context of Coney Island, the parachute pavilion modestly wraps itself in its context. This helps avoid visual noise and clutter that would only compete with the parachute tower rather than forming a rich relationship based on hierarchy and respect. Inserting an object next to the parachute tower is an imposition on the local context.   However, if that object or form is an amalgam of surrounding materials and structures the pavilion becomes an intrinsic part of the area. The pavilion pulls the beautiful timber of the existing Riegelmann boardwalk over itself. The internal structure and spaces are clad in red steel. Through these simple devices the pavilion becomes a rich amalgam of the local fabric.


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