the suburb eating robot

CV08 - A polemic presented at the RAIA’s national conference in Sydney, CRITICAL VISIONS ’08

The animation can be viewed here.

A PDF of CV08 can be downloaded here.

The Australian suburb was born out of our dependance on the car. With Peak Oil rapidly approaching the epoch of the automobile with soon come to an end and with it so will the Australian outer suburb. Where will suburbanites live when there is no other means of circulation to their homes? What will we do with our abandoned and decaying suburbs? And most importantly, what will we do with the 50% of Australians that are over-weight due to car dependance and a sedentary lifestyle? Well Andrew Maynard Architects has the answer : the CV08. CV08 is a robot that consumes the abandoned suburbs through its front 2 legs. It processes the materials and fires off compacted recycling missiles to awaiting recycling plants. CV08’s middle legs and one rear leg follow the front legs to terra-form the newly revealed earth with native Flora and Fauna. Vast stocks of the Flora and Fauna are stored within CV08 in carbonite sleep until they are required to colonise what was previously suburban wasteland.

Media Feed
...........> CV08 has been popular on design blog sites. You can see a selection at the following links  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
...........> CV08 appears in the
Australian Financial Review. The article by Robert Bevan heavily critisises the exhibition that CV08 appears in. CV08 got off very lightly though compared to the other exhibited works.

...........>   The generous dudes at
My Ninjas Please have posted an interview they did with Andrew about his latest polemic, CV08. Check it out.

An excert from the Bio-diverse-city: the Treeline Project

“A ‘polemic’ is a controversial argument, especially one refuting or attacking a specific opinion or doctrine. In his animation and slide series, CV08, architect Andrew Maynard is attacking those cherished cornerstones of 20th Century Australian urban planning - the sprawling suburbs. Giant robots storm across old suburbs – abandoned because Peak Oil has made it too expensive to drive long distances to work and shop. The robots’ purpose is to consume strips of houses and replace them with biodiversity replenishing vegetation. The image recalls 18th Century Spanish artist Goya’s painting ‘Saturn devouring his children’, and another painting long attributed to Goya, “The Collossus’. In both of these, gigantic figures loom: ‘Saturn’ against a huge black sky and ‘Collossus’ towering over the Spanish landscape. All these works are deliberately confronting in their imagery. However, while Goya’s paintings spoke about the horror and destruction of civil war, Andrew Maynard’s polemic is ultimately a positive call for smarter planning in the face of fast approaching oil shortages and climate change.

Andrew Maynard has split away here from strict architectural and planning design focuses to create an emotionally strong personal statement using the forms, symbols and signage characteristic of traditional architectural rendering.”


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