Community Centre, Denmark

CCOF is a user friendly, malleable, tectonic, spatial solution for a community centre in Denmark.  Through the repetition and manipulation of the active wall the inherent spatial qualities of the community centre are able to grow and adapt as need arises.

User can manipulate these walls which are made up of a variety openings, a window for light and view can be closed to create a dark space for a slide show or film.  Most walls have the capacity for storage of chairs, tables and the like, which allow an empty clear space for dancing to transform into a meal area for 100 people. 

The active wall works on two levels. 1)The presence of the wall itself is firm, stable and defining 2)yet it is the approachable, generous part of the centre that allows the user to create their own place within a bigger space, define it and mark their spatial territory.  The active walls become the core spatial definer and anchor for particular activities within space.

The building has the ability to separate into contained rooms if the need be for sound separation or security, yet can be opened up to allow for large open spaces.  The primary circulation path is a wide path which is intended as a place for chance meeting, for display and gallery purposes and for the collection of information by the user.


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