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BOB is a hybrid home of the future, a mobile living tool for tomorrow’s generation of nomadic wanderers. Somewhere between a tent, a house and a Winnebago, BOB explores the relationship between the basic human requirements of travel and shelter.

The simple premise for BOB is that a vans engine, gearbox and drivetrain are all located under the front seats, leaving the rest of the van for living in. Given all of BOB's technology and critical components are efficiently contained in the front quarter, we have made the walls and roof dynamic by allowing them to fold down and triple the effective floor space.

Unlike most motor homes BOB's dimensions aren't dictated by a fixed width based on car lanes. Unlike other mobile homes, BOB internal elements don't need to be lined up one after the other with a tiny circulation path running through the middle. At the end of a hard day driving BOB lays out and relaxes to create over triple his original foot print. Who said that you couldn't have open plan living in a mobile home?


"Readers, we’d like to introduce you to BOB. BOB is a mobile home unlike any other - a dwelling that is bound to be spectacular, because Andrew Maynard is the creator and designer (and you know how we love his work), along with Soren Luckins of Buro North."



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